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We have been in business since 1984, (online since 1998) providing outstanding Private Tour Services to travelers from all over the world.

We are extremely proud of our rich, cultural heritage, and we delight in sharing our island’s natural beauty with you. In addition to our tour services, we have operated various websites since 1998, with the goal of providing visitors information about how to make the most of their stay on Rhodes Island.

Our primary reason for operating this website is to show visitors the Rhodes we love in a welcoming, user-friendly way.

Our purpose is two-fold: to share the quality services offered exclusively by our associate drivers on the island and to communicate ways in which you might make the most of your short stay to this splendid place.

We are committed to showing you the hospitality for which we are known. During the seven months of the tourist season, from April-October, we will do our utmost best to create for you a unique tour experience that shows you why we deserve our excellent reputation. We put our customers first. We know that most of them will be here for just a short time, so we constantly update our websites with tips and suggestions on how to make the most of a visit to Rhodes.

We’ve no doubt that Rhodes will make a lasting impression on those who visit it…this beautiful island is a destination like no other.

If you are looking to escape the pressures of the modern world for a bit, make a stop at "Rhodes Shore Excursions".

We want to be part of your journey... the Best Part!



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Nicholas A. Rhodes was born in Egypt, Alexandria. His parents were Greek, from the big "Hellenic Community of Alexandria".

Nick’s parents died shortly after he graduated from high school. He continued his education as a programming and systems designer while his brother Michael was finishing at the Tourism College in Cairo. After graduating, both brothers moved to Germany to study languages and the tourism industry.

They returned to Greece and lived in Athens for a few years before eventually settling in Rhodes and joining the ever-growing tourism industry. Nick and Michael now run a professional and successful private taxi / tours business. Both Nick and Michael are fluent in Greek, speak and write near-perfect English and Arabic, speak comprehensible Spanish, German, and Italian, and can even manage a bit of French—enough for basic conversation.


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