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"Rhodes Shore Excursions" takes pride in offering you, the customer, our very best. We own our Mercedes Benz sedan limos, and we operate them ourselves. We are experienced, licensed professional chauffeurs.

Our associate drivers are competent English speakers with a thorough background on the history of the island. Most of them speak a second or third language as well. In fact, we can arrange for you to have a driver who speaks German, French, Spanish, or Italian if you prefer.

In addition to being great conversationalists, our associate drivers are known for their personal, affable manner. They will greet you warmly and take care to see that you truly enjoy your trip. We have a genuine interest in showing our guests the beauty of our island, and go out of our way to attend to the little details that make our tours memorable.

Our associate knowledgeable drivers will not only take you to the most breathtaking spots for photos, but they also take photos of you so that no one is left out of the picture. As the tour progresses you will truly appreciate the effort and professionalism of your driver, and he will delight in doing his job well.

Your job? To sit back and enjoy the comfort of our air-conditioned, fully-insured vehicles, knowing that your driver have your safety in mind. All of our Mercedes Benz Sedan Taxi Limos are non-smoking vehicles that can accommodate up to four passengers – plus the driver.

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