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Matt Barrett

"The Best Way to see the Best Island in Greece!"


Matt Barrett has been writing tour guides for Greece since 1996. His websites are thorough, funny, colorful, easy to navigate, very useful and free. He writes with humor, experience, personal anecdotes and lots of pictures. He even has a section which recommends books about Greece and information on where to purchase them in English and other languages. He even recommended us!

www.greecetravel.com has been one of the most popular travel sites on the web for over Twenty Years. Barrett recommends specific itineraries but also provides a way for you to create your own based on his guidebook information and your own idiosyncrasies. He introduces readers to little-known islands where you can have experiences similar to the more well-known islands but at far cheaper prices.

www.athensguide.com We understand that local Athenians actually use this guide to learn more about their wonderful city. Also recommended by the Travel Guru Rick Steves. Barrett doesn't want you to have the typical "tourist" experience. He wants you to have an "authentic Greek" experience. So he recommends small, out-of-the-way spots to visit and special places you wouldn't see on an ordinary tour.

www.ahistoryofgreece.com is a very colorful and thorough history of Greece, from ancient to modern times. You can't help but admire a man whose personal passion for Greece has led him to create and share so much information about a place he clearly loves.


Matt's guide to Rhodes says that OUR tours are: "The Best Way to see the Best Island in Greece!"