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Greek Pottery Culture

"Culture", both a particular stage of civilization and the characteristics of its people, can be seen in its language, religion, cuisine, social habits, and arts. Greek culture has long been understood through its architecture and its artifacts, including its pottery. As an important record of ancient Greek history, pottery paints a picture of every aspect of Greek life: daily life and cooking; celebrations, like banquets and weddings; religious ceremonies, including funerals; and even sporting events. The island of Rhodes is known for its pottery and ceramics, and documentation shows that clay bricks from Rhodes were used to build the dome of Constantinople's "Agia Sofia" Byzantine church.

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Centuries of Design

Ancient Greek pottery designs have changed over time. Vases were formed based on their function, and the names for parts of the vase corresponded to parts of the body mouth, shoulder, belly, and foot. They were frequently decorated with scenes that reflected their function. Early 8th century B.C. pottery featured bold geometric patterns, which almost entirely covered the surface in brown and black lines and shapes.
Over time, this design pattern incorporated stylized figures of humans, animals, and birds as well. In 700 B.C., Corinth produced the first black-figure pottery, so named because its surface depictions were black.
Pottery painters in Attica adopted this style, and from 625 B.C. to 475 B.C., Athens dominated the Mediterranean pottery market. In 530 B.C., red figures were outlined with black slip backgrounds. Red-figure pottery was popular for 130 years. Though these techniques were used throughout the Greek world, craftsmen from Rhodes Island , on the east side of the Aegean Sea , used spirals, curvilinear patterns, and lively drawings in their designs.

Handmade potteries in Rhodes Island Greece

Geometric Pottery

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Black Figure Pottery

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Red Figure Pottery

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Rhodes Pottery Today (Modern Pottery)

Just as Rhodes potters were known throughout the ancient world for their skill, so are today's artisans recognized for their talents. They utilize traditional techniques and reproduce pottery in traditional Rhodes styles, but they also use modern colors and designs to create works which represent their personal perspectives. The result is a blend of old and new that will continue to distinguish Rhodes pottery around the world.

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