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Old Town of Rhodes


The Medieval City of Rhodes (Old town of Rhodes) is an UNESCO world cultural heritage monument (since 1988). In fact this is the largest, oldest and best preserved inhabited medieval town in Europe.

The Medieval City was divided into three parts, the northern smaller part was the Collachio, (the Castel of the Knights of St John the Hospitallers of Rhodes), awhile the southern bigger part was the Burgo or Hora (the town itself) were the commoners lived.
La Juderia (the Jewish Quarter) is the third section (into the burgo).

The official name of the Order today is Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes, and of Malta, who occupied Rhodes from 1309 to 1522.


The old town of Rhodes is contained within the 4 km / 2.5 mi of defensive walls that the Knights of St John built on Byzantine fortification. A typical example of the techniques of fortification of the 14th - 15th century. Massive towers and bastions project from several place and they are decorated with elaborate stonework, while a wide dry moat provided the first line of defence.

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The Medieval City had seven Gates. The St Catherine's Gate (or Marine Gate) was the main gate of the town. The D'Amboise Gate the most impressive Gate, The St Anthony's Gate, The St John's Gate, The Apostle Paul Gate, The St Athanasius Gate and the Port or Mills Gate.

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The St Catherine's Gate (or Marine Gate) The D'Amboise Gate The Apostle Paul Gate


The most beautiful part of the old town is the so called "Street of the Knights". Is a set-piece Italian restoration of the enclave created by the Knights of St John as their main thoroughfare. Several Langues had their palaces along the street. The street links the "Hospital of the Knights" now houses the "Archeological Museum of Rhodes" to the "Palace of the Grand Masters" now houses a museum.

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Street of the Knights Street of the Knights Palace of the Grand Masters


The larger southern quarter was the town itself, known as the Burgo, Burgus, Burgum or Hora. Here lived a blend of races, with the Greeks in the majority.

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The Burgo The Burgo Castellania Library in the Burgo

Medieval City of Rhodes Greece

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