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Rhodes Cuisine

One of the highlights of travel is experiencing the culinary delights of a destination, and Rhodes is renowned for its tasty dining.

The island of Rhodes produces an eclectic array of dishes designed to appeal to the gourmet and would-be gourmet in all of us. Local cuisine has its roots in ancient traditions and uses fresh ingredients to ensure that each dish will appeal to your senses and satiate your appetite.

Rhodian dishes tend toward the savory side and can trace their roots to Dorian Rhodes. Sophist and rhetorician Athenaeus Nafkratios, notes in his book Deipnosofistai that ancient Rhodians were partial to fish soup and lauded those who "ate fish and not meat". Though meat was added to the menu in medieval times, and dishes include modern twists, traditional preparations and tastes prevail. Fresh vegetables, as well as local olive oils, herbs, and spices such as spearmint, rosemary, oregano, and thyme will tantalize your taste buds!

Greek Appetizers in Rhodes

Typical Greek Menus in RhodesZoom Greek meals in Rhodes IslandZoom Greek food recipes RhodesZoom
Feta cheese with honey and sesame seeds Sea bass grilled Calamari stuffed with feta cheese and tomatoes

Greek Gastronomy of RhodesZoom Traditional Greek Appetizers in RhodesZoom Food in Rhodes IslandZoom
Sea shell stuffed with mushrooms shrimps mussels and cream bechamel Eggplant on the grill with yogurt and pine nuts Tsatziki and Humus

Traditional Greek Meals in RhodesZoom Traditional Greek Menus in RhodesZoom Main Courses in Rhodes GreeceZoom
Appetizer for Ouzo drink (Ouzomezes) Salad - Salmon Shrimps Vegetables Mussels cooked with Wine

Main Dishes in Rhodes GreeceZoom Greek Traditional Desserts from RhodesZoom Vegetarian dishes in RhodesZoom
Fried calamari Lobster Pasta Mix seafood appetizer - calamari, octopus, and little shrimps from Simi Island (Garidaki Simiako)

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