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This excursion is for everyone, not just those who take a special interest in wine. The breath-taking views and the Green Tour will appeal to those for whom natural beauty is a reason to travel. Plus, you will sample exceptional local wines and visit villages, cellars and wine estates. You will "taste" the island in more ways than one.

Wine Tour in Rhodes Greece

Private Shore Excursion 6:00 hours

Excursion Description


From the cruise ship dock/pier we drive up the hillside to Monte Smith, Acropolis of Rhodes City, for a panoramic view of the city. (Stop Visit Photos)

On the way we visit the Old Harbor, (atop tall columns, stand the two bronze deer - characteristic landmarks of the island) where according to tradition, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, once stood. (Stop Visit Photos)

We will also view the north point of the island where the Mediterranean Sea (east coast) and the Aegean Sea(west coast) meet.

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The drive continues 55 kilometres / 37 miles, from the north east to the south west coast, using an inland route. The road passes through villages and densely wooded areas.


On the way we stop near the Valley of the Butterflies at the small Wine factory Estate of Anastasia Triantafillou where they make high quality Organic Wines from the local white Athiri grape and the red Mandilari grape as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenage Rouge and Moschatel. They have a limited supply but you can sample their wines (free tasting), usually they offer you village bread with olive oil. You can also have a free olive oil tasting and honey tasting. You can get pictures of the ageing facilities as well. (Stop Visit Taste Photos)

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We continue along the mountain’s path south west to Embonas Village, the most important grape-producing village on the island. Embona is a mountainous village halfway up the Attavyros Mountain, it is the highest village at 800m / 2.600f. above sea level, situated in immense natural beauty and the views of the surrounding areas are awesome. Attavyros is the highest mountain on the island of Rhodes, it rises to a height of 1,215m. / 3.980f. and it lies to the south of the village, most of the vineyards are planted on its slopes and foothills.


We visit the cellar of the Emery Winery, the second biggest wine producer on the island, for more free wine tasting. The Emery winery, still one of the largest in Greece, was built in 1974 in the village of Embona and run by Triantafillou family. Decades of collaboration with local vine growers from the region, coupled with their own expertise and commitment, have enabled them to build a distinctive range of quality wines from unique Greek varietals, know since ancient times. The name Emery originates from Emeric D’Amboise of French origin who was the Great Magistrate of Rhodes from 1503-1512. (Stop Visit Taste Photos)

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We continue with Dionysos Free Wine Tasting. Here you can taste a big variety of fresh wines without chemical interventions and the strong local spirit Souma (Souma from their grapes production in the traditional way of distillation). You are also offered olives, tomatoes, cheese, village bread and local fruits, usually grapes.

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We visit the Kounaki Winery. It produces about 10 different types of wine that are available in very small quantities (2000 to 5000 bottles per label). Kounaki winery cultivates Greek varieties but also European varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Tebranillo. During the season, the winery is open to visitors and offers products for testing for free. The winery is staffed with oenologist and all necessary and qualified personnel for vinification, viticulture and visitor service (Stop Visit Taste Photos)

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We visit Alexandris Winery. Here the philosophy of the winemaking focuses on the production of high quality wine that is bind by the ecosystem of mount Ataviros and expresses the uniqueness of the natural surroundings. To achieve this goal, the cultivation and vinification take place under special catering, using not only the knowledge but also by merging tradition with technology. (Stop Visit Taste Photos)

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Break for Delicious Snack or Lunch Experiences at a Greek traditional tavern / Rhodian cuisine and excellent homemade wines. (at your own expense)

Embona also is a known place by locals coming from everywhere to eat grilled meat. Here you can really feel the Greek life; the wineries and restaurants have the perfect traditional sensation.

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We travel back along the West Coast, with its breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, to your cruise ship. If you prefer to be taken to the Medieval City for independent browsing, you will be responsible for returning on foot to the ship, docked about a quarter-mile away.

Excursion Details

Duration: 6:00 hours.

Suggested Time for this excursion: May - End of September.

Activity Level: Easy.

Vehicle: Sedan Car Mercedes Benz - hold 4 passengers, plus the driver (bigger group or more room?).

Driver: English speaking knowledgeable tour/driver specialize in private shore excursions

Departure Time: 9:00 AM. Or later depend on your cruise ship dock time. If the ship arrives late into port, we'll adjust our schedules, and the rental time will start from the moment you meet your tour/driver.

Starting Point: We meet at the pier/dock.

Excursion Extensions: You can extend or change the itinerary of this private shore excursion as you wish.

(Stop Pictures) = Stop and get out of the car for pictures from outside of the Sight/building
(Stop Visit Pictures) = Stop and visit - go inside the sight/building for pictures
Covered Kilometers / Miles: Roundtrip approximately 165km / 102,5mi

Excursion Useful info:

1. Even if you aren't big wine connoisseurs you can taste any type of wine you wish. You don't have to purchase any amount of wine; also you can get detailed info on every winery from the wine makers while you taste the wines.

2. It is a historical fact that the island of Rhodes was one of the most important wine production and trade areas in the ancient world. The landscape, the fertile earth and the combination of a mild climate, the unique sun and low rainfall are perfect climatic conditions, which are so important to produce the local grape varieties.

3. Rhodes Island known for its three wine labels:

A) White wine from the white grape variety Athiri (VDQS), a classic Aegean variety cultivated in the wider area since antiquity.

B) Red wine (VDQS) from a red grape variety which has come to dominate almost all islands of the Aegean. Mandilaria (often also called Amorgiano).

C) Sweet white wine (VDQS) produced by blending two varieties of Muscat grapes. Classic white Muscat (from Samos) and the Italian imported Trani Muscat.

4. You may prefer to use ATM machines when you need cash. ATMs are everywhere.

5. Rhodes known for Traditional Appetizers, desserts, Wines, the famous handmade Rhodes Pottery - Ceramics and the beatiful Rhodes beaches.

6. More Rhodes Private Tours F.A.Q.

Excursion Entrance Fees:

No entrance fees on this tour. Free wine tasting.

What is Included?

  • Private Shore Excursion (Just your party)
  • Free Pick up and Drop off at the Cruise Port (or anywhere else)
  • Experienced knowledgeable Tour/Driver
  • Mercedes Benz Sedan Car (4 passengers plus the driver) (bigger group or more room?)
  • All Car and Driver Expenses (prices are per car not per person)
  • Personalized Customer Service

What is Not Included?

  • Entrance Fees, Meals, (Tips optional)

The Wine Tour got no Entrance fees, Food, or Drinks to pay, the wine tasting is FREE. In case you need to extend the tour for Lunch, the food and the drinks in the restaurant are not included in the tour price

For additional information about this excursion / prices / cost / extensions / or to make future reservations, please submit an online request. If you book now, your PRIVATE SHORE EXCURSION will be confirmed within 24 hours.


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Private Shore Excursions and Private Tours in Rhodes Greece


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