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Monte Smith hill - Acropolis of Rhodes City


Agios Stefanos hill (Saint Stephen hill) or Monte Smith hill - The upper acropolis of ancient Rhodes was a monumental zone with sanctuaries, large temples, public buildings and underground cult places. The buildings date to the Hellenistic and Late Hellenistic periods (3rd-2nd c. BC). As the archaeologists say, the current findings represent only a fragment of the glorious past of the ancient city of Rhodes.
The Acropolis of Rhodes is one of the most interesting and enjoyable archaeological sites one can visit, located close to the city and surrounded by a pristine nature with fabulous views.

Temple of Pythian Apollo

This stands on the southern part of the hill, on the west side of a large rectangular terrace. It was a poros peripteral temple, (but smaller than that of Athena and Zeus). From the few remains a part of the north east side had been restored with four columns and part of the architrave. (The temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus situated on the northern edge of the acropolis and was a poros Doric peripteral temple)

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Rhodes Ancient Stadium

The Stadium is on the south east side of the hill, it was excavated and restored by the Italians. It was one "stadion" in length, namely 689 feet or 210 metres. The authentic original surviving parts are the sphendone (rounded end with turning post), proedries (seats of officials) and some of the lower seats in the auditorium. Also preserved is the starting mechanism for the athletes. Here athletic competitions were staged as part of the Haleion Games, an important celebration held by the ancient Rhodians in honour of the god Helios.

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Classical Theatre - Odeion

The small reconstructed 800 seat Theatre, more likely Odeion, sits beneath the site of the temple. Only the orchestra and three seats remain from the original structure, which was probably used for events associated with the cult of Apollo and maybe by the Rhodian School of Rhetoric. A much larger theatre is thought to have been sited elsewhere on the same hill (There used to be a fine Library containing notable works of rhetoric, near the Gymnasium and the Odeion, according to an inscription found in the area)

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East of the Stadium we find the Gymnasium. Part of the west side was uncovered in the past, and recently the north east corner was discovered as well. It was a large square building measuring some 200 meters / 656 feet on each side. It was important for the works of art which it contained.

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Views from the Acropolis of Rhodes

The Aegean Sea and the Coastline of Asia Minor and the Mediterranean Sea.
The hill took its name from the English admiral Sir Sydney Smith who had his observation post here in 1802 to keep an eye on the movements of Napoleon's fleet during his war with the Turks.

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Monte Smith - Acropolis of Rhodes Greece

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